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Visualize It!

Gymnastics is a sport that requires a great deal of strength & flexibility and tons of practice. While these things are super important in order to be a successful gymnast, the mind plays a huge part too. Have you ever heard the saying: “The body follows the mind?” Well, it’s true. The more you mentally visualize the more your body begins to perform the skills and routines created in your mind. Which is why visualizations are very beneficial when it comes to gymnastics.

What is visualization? Visualization is when you create an image of what you want to feel or happen in real life in your mind. You can visualize yourself doing “perfect” routines or even a hard skill that you’ve been scared to try. It may not seem easy or effective at first but, repeated visualizations can help you build confidence in performing your routines and skills. Allowing you to have more effective practices and competitions.


Be consistent. Try to do visualizations everyday and keep it to about 10 minutes a day. A perfect time is in the car on the way to practice or to a competition. At home on the couch or even in your bed work too! Close your eyes, take deep even breaths and see yourself doing perfect routines and executing perfect skills, on each event; over and over!

Relax. Use visualizations to help you relax your nerves and stay calm. This is especially helpful at competitions!

Don’t limit yourself. Don’t just visualize yourself doing okay routines and okay skills. See yourself doing perfect routines! Sticking landings, pointing your toes, every little detail! Visualize BIG!

Now is the perfect time to practice visualizations since we're spending so much time away from the gym. Keep your mind active and strong! Give visualizations a try, consistently, for two weeks and let me know how it works for you!!

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