Hey! I'm Gina!  I am originally from Cincinnati, OH and I  practically grew up in the gym.  I started taking gymnastics classes around age 3 and competed all the way up to Level 10!  I had dreams of competing in college, but a knee injury senior year of high school changed my direction.  I decided to leave my gymnastics dreams behind and pursue a degree in Biology, from Spelman College. 


While in college, I felt like something was missing.  In my downtime, I missed the gym the most!  My sophomore year of college, I started looking for a job.  I was thrilled when I saw a listing for a gymnastics coach at a gym nearby.  After I coached my first recreational class, I was in love.  That old feeling of joy from being in the gym returned.  But with it came an added happiness in knowing I was teaching the sport I loved so much to a child who may one-day love gymnastics too! 


I have been coaching ever since that day in 2008.  I LOVE being in the gym!  I LOVE teaching kids life lessons through my passion, gymnastics! 


Independence, discipline, hard work are just a few of the skills I want to pass down to our youth.  I believe and am passionate about creating a space where kids are challenged, they learn and they have fun with the sport of gymnastics!  I believe and am passionate about creating an environment that includes a well qualified and enthusiastic staff, supportive families and a loving community!  All coming together to create the ultimate space for helping to build mentally and physically strong kids into adults ready to take on the world!